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CargoClear®: The First Truly Cost Saving Solution for Importers and Exporters

“With CargoClear®, we can increase our volume without increasing our processing costs.” 

–P&L Sales Group, Inc.


Are you a small business that needs help with logistics management and customs service? Let another small business, who understands your needs, provide this function for you.


Maybe you have a larger company, and you need to find ways to reduce costs. We can help you discover where your transportation process could be streamlined, and how a few changes can eliminate some unnecessary expenditures.

With the CargoClear® monthly membership plan, you get access to our online portal for easy tracking and retrieval of your customs documents, accurate entry and clearance of all of your shipments, and up to 10 hours of consulting.

All of this for just one low price per month!


Pricing is determined by your volume, so call us now for a special offer and find out how much you can save!

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