Our Clients

"It’s as if I have a customs broker on staff but without the cost of payroll."

- Global Sourcing Specialist

Chubby Mealworms

Chubby Mealworms specializes in dried meal worms & other dried insects we only use the chubbiest & the highest quality 100% Natural grubs packed full of protein, vitamins and natural oils!


GetbetterLife provides quality tattoo products online. From tattoo machines to inks to temporary tattoo kits, GetbetterLife provides all body art products to online shoppers. We strive to supply impressive permanent and temporary tattoo equipment for people who loves tattoo art. Get better tattoo supply, Get Better Life!

Global Sourcing

With a long history in providing best in class sourcing, Global Sourcing Specialist caters to the needs of General Contractors and the projects they service. Is your construction project in need of a sculpture? Perhaps some ceramic tile? Or an espresso machine? If you need it, GSS will find it. 


We offer hand-crafted teas and wellness herbs grown 100% chemical and pesticide-free on small farms around the world. Our mission, over the next five years, is to create sustainable livelihoods for 100 craft tea makers and connect 50,000 people to the craft of tea and wellness herbs.

CVF Racing

CVF Racing was started in 2009 by a classic car nut and corporate engineer who wanted a special billet dash panel for a frame off restoration. From that point, we expanded our product line to one of the most complete selections of billet brackets and pulleys in the world. Along the way, we have designed several unique products that are only available at CVF Racing. Our engineering staff has professional experience at the Tier 1 automotive level and we know what it takes to achieve OEM level quality.

Tipsy Totes

Tipsy Totes crafts luxury wine and spirit totes and fantastic beer and water koozies like you've never seen before! Our products are available online and at various events across the country. Started by Sonja and Ursula Bettendorf, a mother and daughter team, these ladies have been fulfilling their creative drive. Sonja, a true creative spirit, serves as President of Tipsy Totes and her daughter Ursula excels as Creative Director. Want us to exhibit at an event near you? Let us know!


Each Caniscar® dog cushion is made carefully by hand. Our products provide many attributes, such as providing a perfect fit to vehicle open-cargo areas, an anti-bacterial and odor-neutralizing waterproof surface, and an orthopedic memory mattress for your pet. This gives you a high-quality dog ​​cushion, individually tailored to your vehicle and the well-being of your dog.

A Book Apart

A Book Apart publishes detailed, meticulously edited examinations of single topics. We produce books in two length formats: Standards (100–150 pages, available in paperback and ebook) and Briefs (50–70 pages, available in ebook only). Both are the perfect size in terms of subject depth and coverage for topics ranging from technical to theory: responsive web design, git, and javascript to content strategy, design principles, public speaking, and more.


Since 2008, RootSuit has delivered the hottest, freshest, and highest quality full body spandex clothing jump suits that our fans have worn at game day parties, festivals, tailgates, and especially on Halloween. We pride ourselves on giving our bodysuit customers what they want so that they can live out their RootSuit dreams. With a mechanical engineer as our founder, RootSuits are totally solid—They’ve been built and tested with the highest quality materials. Think: Hoover Dam… Solid. Our products will rile the crowds, energize your fan base, and they won’t break down

P&L Sales Group, Inc.

P&L Sales Group, Inc. is a forward thinking company dedicated to expanding the profitability of brands of the OTP category. We work hard to achieve the best brands and quality of products. This allows our customers to grow their businesses with strong core products from P&L Sales Group. We not only look for great products for the present market demands, but also look to the future to stay on the cutting edge of market trends. That is how we stay ahead, while bringing new exciting profitable products to the market.

CodeOne Training Solutions, LLC

Code One Training Solutions, LLC is a health and safety education center that teaches CPR and First Aid, EMT initial and EMS continuing education classes, as well as AED and supply sales. Code One operates two mobile training units which travel to provide private group training for businesses and meetings at our client locations nationwide.  Our courses are led by knowledgeable instructors that have real world experience as nurses, EMTs, paramedics and other professional backgrounds. We are proud to have them as part of the Code One team!

Tancell LLC. "Pokababy"

Started in 2017, Pokababy brings high-quality, utility baby products designed to help parents, as well as be fashionable. Created by Louie and William, a married couple living in Las Vegas, they discovered that the babies in their lives needed a bit of fashion added to their adorable outfits. But, design must be more than cute...is must be functional. And Pokababy bibs are only a start. Soon, there will be more high fashion, and high function, products to choose from...just wait and see!

Parsons Rocks! LLC

For three generations, rocks have been the livelihood of the Parsons family. Eamon Parsons and his brother Tom began it all after World War II by placing rocks with an army surplus weapons carrier with an a-frame and a winch, building the foundation of Parsons Bros Rockeries. Three generations later, the Parsons have entered into a new vein of the rock business through decorative landscape rock sales.

Paxis Aerospace Concepts International (PACI)

PACI provides comprehensive consulting and technology solutions for the international robotics market. We provide practical solutions for multi-modal (ground-air-sea-industrial) response robotics and unmanned systems (UxS) in the both the commercial/civil and ITAR-restricted markets.

Our mix of proprietary technology, unique team domain expertise, and unique partnerships gives us an edge to developing practical solutions that benefit from experience and “best practices”. Our comprehensive solutions include technology transfer services, autonomous technology testing, and prototyping.

We are dedicated to expert practical application of technologies, concepts and equipment that can support operations with varying degrees of human involvement and interaction.