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"I just got off the plane and Customs took my stuff!! Now what do I do?"

First...breathe! This isn't as uncommon as you may think. Most people don't know we customs brokers exist until they need our services. That is why we are here!

We will help you with working out the entire issue, from getting your account set up to payment processing to clearance and release. The process is simple:

Email our team at

In the subject, input the word "Help!" then tell us your situation in the body of the email.

We will send you all necessary documentation, as well as ask for details regarding your shipment (value, invoice, how it arrived, etc.) You will sign the required documents and send them, along with the requested paperwork, back to us.

Once we verify everything is in good order, we will send you an invoice that you pay online with your credit card. Once payment is verified, we will finalize our side of the process. We will send you all the required paperwork, as well as inform customs that it is processed on our side and provide them with a unique entry number. Assuming the goods are admissible, Customs will release the goods to you after you settle any outstanding costs.

Security Guard

Want to have no issues at Customs?

Contact us before your trip to the US. We can work out all the issues prior to your arrival. That process is even easier!

Email our team at

In the subject, input the words "On My Way!" then let us know the following:

  • your flight details 

    • please send us a copy of your itinerary

  • a copy of your invoice with the weight of the goods 

  • fill out our Power of Attorney (here),

    • sign and send it to us 

    • please include a picture of your passport 

  • let us know if you already have an annual bond in place 

We will take care of everything.


Once you land: 

  • you will receive a notice of an invoice 

    • invoice may be paid with credit card

  • after we receive notice invoice is paid

    • we finalize your paperwork and send to you

    • we let customs know it's admissible in the system 

    • we will provide you with a unique entry number, which you will provide to Customs upon entering the Declaration area.

  • The Customs Officer will look it up in the system, and decide admissibility of the product after review

so easy!!

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